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emarso is born for the dream to change my life and other real estate professionals.

Here is the journey of Remarso.

I started my career as a real estate sales and marketer in 2008 when I moved to Thailand.

I joined a real estate company and the CEO had a lot of dreams and objectives but he fails to execute.

The complexity is the enemy of executions and the poor organizations are not scalable.

So, the first thing when I joined was to implement a CRM system. We wanted to be able to centralize our leads, follow up on our clients, manage our listings, get a proper overview of our activities.

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As we continue to grow we added more features and that system became a central part of the organization.

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real estate marketing companies
real estate marketing companies

ut as I was proud and it contributes a lot to our success, I found out that many of our collaborators were struggling to use it. It seems too complex, they have pain to considerate as a helpful tool for them to be more efficient and successful in their daily routine. So we compensate by using different tools on top of that and then it became clear that agents who made the effort to learn have more results.

When you are part of a team and you have large ambitions as a manager you want all your team to grow and achieve outstanding results. The gap between employees even is inevitable must not be the ideal of the organization.

In addition, we started to be solicited by partners who wanted to promote our listings so we may find a way to share information easily and collaborate.

We wanted that all functions of the organization sales, marketing and administration work hand in hand so we needed an end to end solutions that focus on essentials and be integrated with other robust software.

As an entrepreneur, manager, sales and marketer with some technical background I started to look for solutions to improve our efficiency and our results.

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I tried dozen of software, received training, compiled feedback.

I quickly discovered that most of the solutions were too complex and closed.


he more mature was at pricing that was not adapted for most of the real estate business and moreover the solutions were complex to the user but were not integrated with the essentials tools to create an efficient workflow and allow to collaborate within the organization and allow to scale it.

So my objective became clear to create a real estate platform that will change the lives of real estate professionals worldwide and becoming the leading real estate solutions in the market.

After years of research and experience, years of continuous development we launched realestatecrm.io and our real estate marketing services to allow all real estate professionals to perform.

We are amazed by the feedback we got and how organizations gain into efficiency and was able to scale.

The Journey is Just the Beginning

Join the next world-leading real estate software today and change your life by being more successful

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