While most real estate agents think it’s easy to kickstart their career in this industry, many of them fell short after a year or two. Despite the consistent demands to buy real estate properties, most brokerage companies struggle in getting these leads. Why? It’s because they fail to establish effective real estate branding.

Real estate branding refers to the process of establishing your overall identity and integrity as a business entity. It involves establishing a strong presence or influence in the real estate industry to gain an edge against your competitors. The moment they think of real estate, they’ll automatically think of your business. But how can you establish a real estate branding that works? We’ll let you in on our secret!

Real Estate Branding Strategies

Build an Online Presence

While local marketing is still important, you should also need to take advantage of digital marketing. Establishing your online presence helps you reach more customers globally. It also expands your area of scope as you get to sell properties from other areas or countries.

You can start building an online presence by checking this list:

  • Choose a Business name – your real estate brand reflect the nature of your business clearly.
  • Choose a catchy one-phrase tagline – your tagline should be easy and witty to remember for your customers. Examples of good taglines include “work with me to find your dream home,” “delivering the best real estate properties in [location].” You can hire a copywriter if you need help with taglines.

Build a Website

Now that you’ve chosen a business name for your real estate brand, the next step is to build a website. Your website serves as your online platform for your customers to reach you.

real estate branding
Build a website to connect with your clients and promote your brand online.

You can also demonstrate your real estate listings and gather testimonials from your satisfied clients. The blog posts help in demonstrating your knowledge and expertise in the real estate industry. We also recommend integrating our Real Estate CRM software to streamline your tasks and marketing strategies with us.

Consider Email Marketing

Now that you’ve gained a follower fanbase thanks to your website, make sure to retain them by building a subscription list. You can do this by setting up an email newsletter on your website. Once you get your client’s email subscriptions, you can send newsletters, and targeted campaigns to keep your customers on the loop. You can mix your email content with the following:

  • Link to your blog post
  • Local community news and events
  • Real estate listings promotions
  • Deals and Discounts
  • Appreciation rewards

Invest in Photography and Videography

Incorporate your valuable content with stunning graphics and imagery to further entice your clients. You can set up a 360 virtual tour to demonstrate all the angles and stunning features of your real estate properties. Studies show 85% of real estate buyers tend to purchase properties that incorporate videos and images to their listings.

Build Your Professional Network

Most real estate agents commit the mistake of isolating their network with only their clients since they’re afraid of competition. This type of strategy will only hurt your real estate business in the long run. Instead of cowering away from your competitors, embrace them as these connections will help grow your business further.

real estate branding

You can learn so many lessons on how to improve your real estate branding from true stories shared by influencers. You can also invite influencers to participate in a guest post, podcast, or live Q&A and webinar to add more value to your content.

Join Groups

You can also join real estate groups and communities locally or online. You can find these groups on Facebook and Linkedin. Get involved in conversations and give valuable insights to other members to make your presence known.