Real estate is a venue for countless business opportunities. Because of this, competition in the field gets tighter and tighter by the year. This makes real estate marketing a big challenge.

For you to come out at the top, it is very important to keep up with the trends in the market, demands of the consumer, and the fast-paced technology these days. To achieve this, we’ve lined up 5 promising real estate marketing strategies you can use to gain clients in 2020!

Top Real Estate Marketing Strategies This 2020!

1. Consistently Build your Brand

Branding is a method of gaining name identification and promoting reputation through the use of colors, images, voice, messaging, writing, language, even typography. Working on a brand for your real estate business is establishing a professional identity that is easy to remember and creates a good first impression.

Your brand will allow your clients to distinguish your company among others. This will also determine how your website and all other promotional ads are gonna look and feel to your customers. This is why it is significant to decide on your business identity.

2. Create a Mobile-friendly Website

Most people these days own a mobile phone. It is where they do most of their daily transactions, access the internet, and spend time on social media. Putting this into mind, creating a mobile-friendly website will surely expand your market.

real estate marketing
Studies show most clients prefer to browse real estate properties through mobile than a website.

This gives your customers better access to your website’s features and free from any hassle. This makes it easier to share your site through social media, as well, to gain more potential customers. This strategy efficiently promotes your business to the market in a fast and low-cost way.

3. Explore the Profits of Blogging

People this age like to read meaningful, relevant, and interesting content over the internet. This is where you can start engaging potential customers to your business.

Almost 50% of buyers view 3-5 content articles before engaging with a sales agent. You can learn how to entice readers and use blogging to your advantage. Give them something of value and they will definitely latch on to you and seek more of what you can offer them.

4. Associate Keywords and Infographics to your Blog

Putting keywords and infographics is another way to boost your articles. The first thing to be done is keyword research. This will make your articles focused on certain subjects that are actually relevant to your buyers.

Adding in infographics can engage your customers even more. Presenting them with statistics makes your company reliable and trustworthy. But only post data that is accurate and not just for the sake of profit.

5. You Never Go Wrong with Email Marketing

Email marketing might be an “old school” thing but it is still one of the most common strategies in business promotion.

However, before diving into your first campaign and bombarding your buyers with unwanted emails is not the right way to go. Annoying emails may get you reported and will damage your company’s image.

To prevent this, engage with your buyers and give them what they want or what you find that interests them until they decide to become your subscribers. Once they are hooked, then be sure to feed them with as much information needed and not go overboard with it.


Making it to the top in the real estate industry takes time, effort and the ability to keep up with the latest market trends and technology.

Starting with these real estate marketing tips will give you the edge that you need to be different from the rest of your competitors. Just always continue to promote your business identity out there and you will definitely gain more clients in 2020!