Last time, our real estate experts already shared the secrets on how to make killer real estate listings ads. Despite those awesome lists, though, many agents are still struggling in making their listings stand out.

Why is it that your competitors’ property listings just keep selling out fast and you’re not? It might be because you’re committing these fatal mistakes. Watch out for these mistakes and avoid committing them at all costs if you don’t want your real estate business to fail.


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Top Real Estate Listings Mistakes Most Agents Commit

Overpricing Your Home

While we understand pricing your properties higher will give you higher profit yield, you also increase your chances of not selling it outright. Unless you’re a celebrity or you’re selling a high-value property, chances are, you’re not going to sell it right away. So don’t be greedy and overprice your home or property upon sale. According to Spencer Cutler of Corcoran, it's better to set the price straight the moment you publish your real estate listings online.

Set the right price according to your property’s proper valuation.

He further recommends tying your amount slightly lower than the fair market value. You might be earning a lesser amount than others, but you’re guaranteed to get a fair profit. You also won’t be spending too much time, money, and effort in advertising your listings. Most of all, you can proceed to sell your other real estate listings, yielding a higher profit over time.

Failing To Accept Your Preference Might Not Suit The General Market

Compass’ Maggie Ross says most real estate fails in selling their property because they form personal attachments to it. While attachments or sentimental values are normal, it can be detrimental when you’re trying to sell a home. Most agents become defensive when a client says no to the property. This often leads to the point where they hard-sell the property.

Not only engaging in an argument is a waste of time, but you’ll also lose a potential client in the process. Ross says you should accept not everyone will like what you sell. She recommends you move on to the next client or introduce another property if this case happens. You need to set aside your personal opinion and focus on your client’s needs.

Not Paying Attention To The Market

Another fatal mistake most real estate agents commit is they’re ignoring what’s happening in the market. They’re too focused on selling their real estate listings they forget to monitor the market. It’s important to pay attention to what's happening in the local community to know the current trends. Not only that, but you’ll be updated on what properties to recommend when your clients ask for your feedback.

Not Decluttering Your Property

Do you keep your property’s furniture intact thinking it’ll attract your clients from purchasing a home? That’s where you’re dead wrong. According to real estate gurus, uncluttered homes turn your clients off. They’ll think you don’t value them because you didn’t take the time to tidy up the house prior to listings. Not only that, but too much furniture inside makes the room feel smaller for your clients.

Not Redecorating Or Staging Your Home Properly

real estate listings
Make your real estate listings beautiful and presentable like a brand new property.

Most real estate agents think a simple redesign or painting will do the job of making your property look pristine, but that’s where you’re wrong! Real estate experts recommend you do a total makeover to a property to suit your customer’s needs. This may include repairs for damaged sections, putting up new decors, or replacing old carpets, etc. If your budget permits, you may also opt to do house flipping to boost your real estate listings.