Now you have more properties to list and publish online. You’ve published it on your website and other social media platforms. However, they aren’t doing well. It’s not getting noticed by your customers. Worse of all, you’re not generating any sales at all. In these trying times where every real estate business has to go online, you need to step up your game too. Here’s how you can publish your real estate listings effectively and generate more sales in the process.

Experts Reveal the Tricks to Publish Real Estate Listings Effectively

Use Best SEO Practices

Before you publish your real estate listings, it’s important to apply SEO optimization on it. First, you need to start with keyword research. You need to narrow down the keywords and choose the best ones that describe your properties specifically.

You can choose from the recommended keywords below:

  • Cheapest apartment/house/condo/townhouse in (location)
  • Best 1-room/2-room apartments/condo in (location)
  • Properties with [specific features – e.g. pool] in (location)

Among others. You can also get more creative in finding the best keywords for your listings. The ideal keyword length is 2-4 words, although it can be longer. In fact, long-tailed, specific keywords are a must when it comes to real estate listings. A good rule of thumb is also to include the location, state, or neighborhood in your keyword listings.

Take Stunning Photos

Having well-researched and well-written real estate listings isn’t enough to get your properties noticed. You need to pair it with stunning photos to grab your customers’ attention well.

real estate listings

Unless you have a high-quality phone that can capture gorgeous photos, it's best to invest in a camera and artificial lighting. You also need to attend some photography and shooting sessions if you have to. If you don’t have the skills nor the time to do it, it’s essential to hire a professional to take stunning photos of your properties.

Incorporate Virtual Tour

Aside from having gorgeous photos, a virtual tour also helps in boosting your real estate listings. A VR helps in increasing the engagement in your listings. Furthermore, it’s a more effective marketing strategy since it lets the customer explore every nook and corner of your property before purchasing one.

They get to examine your property as close to the person as they can. It also shows transparency as you’re willing to show your properties to your customers for what it is. The moment a customer reaches out and make a transaction with you, they already know what to expect in the property they’re getting.

Use Your Email List

Now that your real estate listings are ready, it’s time for you to publish and share it online! Before publishing it on your website, though, we recommend you start with your email list first. You can create a teaser hinting your email subscribers get to see the real estate properties first.

This will help not only in building up the hype, but it also encourages your followers to subscribe too. You can also offer exciting rewards like a 20% discount, 10% downpayment, 10% cashback, etc for a limited time. In this way, it’ll create a sense of urgency for your customers to get ahold of your properties first.

Share It On Social Media

After sharing the real estate listings exclusive on your email list, it’s time to show it to the public. Start publishing it on your website and social media pages too. You can also create other special promos that are dedicated to your social media followers. You can also host a special contest to encourage your customers in joining in. For example, you can give out a chair, table, or free move-in services.

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