Do you have properties you’re not actively staying or occupying? Do you wish to convert your real estate into active or passive income? One way of doing that is through selling. But how can you compete with other seasoned real estate agents? How can you sell your listings? The experts reveal the effective way to do real estate marketing to absentee owners.

Real Estate Marketing To Absentee Owners Tips

Postcards and Direct Mail Campaigns

One effective way of doing real estate marketing to absentee owners is through the use of postcards. Since you’re not actively living in your neighborhood, you can connect to them by sending postcards through post mail. You can take a picture of your real estate property and advertise it that you’re currently selling it.

real estate marketing to absentee owners

Not only it helps in marketing your listing around the neighborhood, but you can also market it to your friends too. You can give postcards to your colleagues, customers, friends, and relatives. It also adds personal touch because you take extra miles to give them something memorable.

Email Marketing

If you want to get digital, then email marketing is a great method of real estate marketing to absentee owners. You can send a newsletter or campaign to your customers stating you have a property to sell. Make sure to highlight its awesome features and emphasize that the house looks brand new because you’re not occupying it.

Despite its lack of occupants, you’ve hired people to maintain its pristine condition. This will entice customers into booking an appointment with you to visit the property personally and see it for themselves.

Virtual Tour

Due to COVID-19, meeting up in person for site inspection is still not possible. In this case, you need to rely more on technology to do real estate marketing to absentee owners. One way of achieving that is through a virtual tour.

You can take stunning images and angles of your property and put it in a virtual tour software. Witness the software do its magic before sharing it to your website and social pages. Make sure to attach a call to action button too so that your customers can book or inquire about your properties easier.

Setup Communicating Channels and Auto-Replies

Just because you’re an absentee owner it doesn’t mean it’s difficult to reach you too. Make sure you’ll always be responsive whenever a customer makes an inquiry. You can do this by setting up various channels like live chat, chatbots, auto-replies, email, phone, and post mail inquiries. Set up auto-replies for frequently asked questions to guide your customers.

In this way, you’re able to maintain responsiveness to your customers. If they have custom inquiries that need your utmost attention, only then your team will forward it to you. Not only you’re able to save more time, but it increases your potential leads by 200% too.

Studies show most customers who make custom inquiries and want to talk to a live agent are more likely to book a property. Make use of this real estate marketing to absentee owners method.

Host Events In Your Home

Since your home is still in pristine condition (courtesy to you not living on it), it’s time to put it to good use. You can connect with local organizers around your neighborhood and offer your house or property as their event’s venue. This will draw in a mixture of a virtual or physical crowd who can inspect your property.

Make sure to post signage or give out pamphlets to let the guests know your property is up for sale. If they had a great experience with your property, chances are, they’ll contact you right away to purchase it. Hosting events is an effective real estate marketing to absentee owners.

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