Nowadays, we see most real estate agents invest in email marketing, social media marketing, CRM, etc to propagate their campaigns. While we understand these strategies are vital for nurturing their leads, they seem to forget one crucial thing. Most real-estate ditched text messaging, or SMS marketing thinking it’s a waste of their time. Before you actually do it, we advise you to think twice! Here’s how SMS marketing can help boost your real estate marketing campaigns.

Real Estate Marketing Benefits You Reap From SMS Marketing

Higher Open Rates

Many agents often neglect to incorporate SMS as their means of communication for business. They tend to focus on investing in email marketing more. However, Gartner's study shows a staggering 98% open-rate for SMS!

They Want to Receive SMS Notifications

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The study shows an astonishing 86% in the US, 82% in Europe, and 77% of Asian customers opt-in for SMS notifications.

Aside from the stunning date above, TextMagic's study also reveals most customers are happy to receive text messages from their agents. They want to be in the loop about the latest real estate listings available in the market. Aside from that, they get to contact you directly whenever they want to make a new purchase. They can also forward your number with their colleagues for referral easily!

It’s Affordable

Whereas most real estate marketing campaigns are expensive, SMS only requires minimal investment to make. You can take advantage of your post-paid plan and send bulk SMS to your contact list. Aside from that, you can provide or retrieve crucial information to your clients effectively. This can lead to generating more leads quickly.

It Provides Personal Touch

One of the main reasons why it’s difficult to increase open rates in emails is that it’s impersonal. Most customers don’t waste their attention in opening emails with generic templates or content. Aside from that, they’ve grown allergic to spams and newsletters, making them wary to open one, (if you struggle with creating an effective email marketing campaign, though, Remarso's software solutions can help you!)

SMS, on the other hand, picked their interests when they see an unknown number. They often wonder who the sender was, leading them to open the message. They want to know how the sender reached their number. So take this opportunity to retain their attention and interest by crafting a custom and personalized message.

Fewer Barriers

Like we stated above, most customers filter their emails from spam and newsletters. Unless they personally opt-in for subscription, chances are, your email will end up in the junk box. This is not the case with SMS though.

Since you have direct communication with your customers, you’re free to send updates to them without worrying about filtration. Of course, you should be mindful of the messages you send too. Don’t abuse the privilege given to you. Only send real estate marketing-related content to your customers pertaining to the real estate industry.

Faster Response

Ever since cellphones were invented, it became an important part of our life. You seldom see people without cellphones or smartphones. In fact, it became our best buddy since we often carry it wherever we go. Likewise, it’s easier to send and receive responses through text messaging. This makes SMS the best real estate marketing tool to gain more leads easily.

Schedule Appointments and Reminders

Last, but not the least, it makes your appointment scheduling easier since you can sync your calendar to your contact list easily. You can set up an automated text response or reminders to your customers. Not only it leads to easier promotion, but it also increases your lead generation by tenfold. So, what are you waiting for? Start incorporating SMS to your real estate marketing campaign now!